Friday, 15 January 2010

A Little Hotmix For You.........................

Over the last few years I have been doing a series of mixes called "Renditions Of Soul" they basically feature alot of Soulful House cuts that I am feeling at the time they are compiled. I have decided to put that series to bed as I strive to bring everything under the "SOS" (Sounds Of Soul") umbrella.....those projects being my Remixes/Edits, Radioshow & Mixtapes.....

Therefore please find below what would have been "ROS 15" now titled "Sounds Of Soul Hotmix 1". The same theory as before applies, it is a collection of songs that are big in my world right now and will probably be for the next few months..........

This particular edition features some amazing music from Erykah Badu with Louie Vega adding his touch, the unstoppable Vick lavender featured on two tracks, brilliant UK music from Jonny Montana (two great tracks, many thanks for the hook-up!),Reel People,John Oudo & new talent Lee Tristram plus we finish with vintage music from Lenny Fontana........

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I did compiling!

Sounds Of Soul Hotmix 1
Compiled & Mixed By Mark Jordan

Erykah Badu - Telephone (Louie Vega Mix)
BSTC Ft JL - I Love It (Vick Lavender Ext Mix)
Randy Crawford & Joe Sample - Respect Yourself (Reel People Mix)
Jonny Montana Ft Stephanie Cooke - I Owe U
DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender Ft Carla Prather - City High (Man-X Mix)
Ruben Mancias Ft Michelle Weeks - My Change (Groove Junkies Vox)
BSTC Ft JL - TLC (Anthony Nicholson Mix)
Ruben Mancias Ft Kenny Bobien - Share
Lee Tristram - Creation From Inspiration
Dihaan Moore - Agape Love (Jonny Montana Mix)
John Oudo - Work Me Over
Angela Johnson - Better (Micky More Rhodes Mix)
Lenny Fontana Pres Black Sun - Spread Love (Edit)

zSHARE - Sounds of Soul Hotmix Vol1.mp3

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